Magic Bus: On the Hippie Trail from Istanbul to India

Book Review

Author: Rory Maclean

Published: 2007

I’ve decided to start reviewing every book I read, and ‘Magic Bus’ by Rory Maclean happens to be the first installment of this trend.

The colourful book jacket caught my eye on a charity shop shelf in the old Elephant and Castle. Many days later I returned during the opening hours of the shop to purchase its golden form but unfortunately it was missing from the window display.

A short delve into the collection of books at the shop soon revealed it was still there, and I started reading it immediately. Expressing its subject as the 1960’s hippie trail, from Istanbul to India, what you got from this travelogue was quite different.

A mixture of sixties nostalgia, commentary on the state of affairs in the modern middle-east and spark notes history, this book was definitely an interesting collection of cultural phenomenons. I found it a little meandering in the middle, much like the writer who has a tendency to get sidetracked by events on his journey.

The writing style was beautiful and there were many memorable sentences. Maclean has a talent for writing and a poetic soul, and I would rate this only a three as although it was inspiring in many parts I don’t think it came together as a whole. This writer has a lot of potential and I would definitely read more of his stuff.


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