10 tips to increase happiness in your life


We all want to be happy, right? And yet this state remains eternally elusive, ephemeral, and undefined, like grasping at smoke. That’s why I came up with these 10 practical tips for the modern curious individual living in 2015 seeking to cultivate more happiness in their life.

  1. Don’t seek happiness directly. Focus on exploring and extending what you enjoy, for at least ten minutes every day. Start now with this incredible website about science, creativity, philosophy and personal development.
  2. Some people need to practise the art of letting go. Other people need to care more. Decide which one you are. You can start keeping a journal to get to know yourself, or discuss your feelings with others.
  3. The sum total of the satisfaction of your life can be measured by the success of your relationships. Deepen a relationship today: notice something about a person and tell them, or ask them a question you wouldn’t normally ask.
  4. Creativity should be at the heart of a fulfilling life. Don’t let a day go by without drawing a picture, exploring a new place, or having an unusual conversation.
  5. Life is only precious while we recognise its transience, which ironically releases us from suffering. Focus on what is ephemeral and fragile about today: being this many years old, living in this specific city, or having a particular relationship – none of these things will last forever.
  6. Some people need to focus on recharging alone to fulfil their needs, whilst others need to get out and explore the world. Work out which one you are and don’t let your needs go unfulfilled. Do you like to sit alone in your room and listen to emotional music, or head out to the nearest new pop-up bar and mingle with the crowds?
  7. Meditation is the key to developing a greater awareness of the deeper beauty of life. You cannot even imagine what you’re missing until you start meditating regularly. Do a ten minute guided meditation on YouTube – now!
  8. You are what you eat, and no mind can function without its body being in balance – mind is body, and vice versa. Take an Ayurveda dosha test to find out your body type, and start eating well, today!
  9. All life is suffering, and the sooner we accept that fact the sooner we can stop railing against the inevitable pain of living – and get to the important stuff. Find something to appreciate about a bad situation, now. Perhaps it taught you a lesson, or had an unexpected benefit.
  10. Self-knowledge and understanding is the key to living an enlightened, noble and rewarding life. It’s painful but worth it. Start learning about cognitive processing and personal development systems like MBTI and Enneagram now, and don’t stop!

And if all this doesn’t work, you can also console yourself with learning to write a novel, laughing at other people’s dating mistakes or becoming a hippie

crop-catherineCatherine Julianne is a writer and digital communications professional obsessed with the field of personality systems theory. She also likes drawing, meditating and being in nature. 

Image: Unsplash


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