10 hard truths I’ve learned about freelancing since I quit my job


  1. Freelancing is persistent loneliness and constant rejection.
  2. The ratio of rejections to successes is probably something like 19:1 – brutal!
  3. You work alone at home so you turn on the TV for company but end up watching it thinking Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares is the most important thing ever.
  4. It’s easy to get caught up in a cycle of your own thoughts with no external influences so you have mini crises on an hourly basis.
  5. You drink too much tea or coffee and end up having mild anxiety attacks before you realise what you’ve done.
  6. You try to work in the library to avoid that feeling of being trapped at home but realise that most people just go to the library to kill time out of the cold, so it’s not a great place to work.
  7. You make stupid mistakes with admin because you’re a writer, not an administrator, and you feel like an idiot.
  8. You think you’ll have more time to change the world / pursue your dreams / watch funny videos, but you don’t because building a business is harder than having a job.
  9. You think it’ll get easier to network and reach out to clients but it doesn’t because you’re an introvert and the world is far too stimulating.
  10. Becoming a freelancer still rocks and even though most days are difficult, nothing worth achieving was ever easy. You’ll find a way to keep going.

Find out why confidence is so essential to freelancing and some quick tips for building confidence.

Feel free to contact me at catherine@awaywithwords.co if you have questions about freelancing or anything else.

CatherineCatherine Heath is a freelance blogger and copywriter for B2B SaaS companies. She’s obsessed with the field of personality systems theory, and she also likes drawing, yoga, meditation and being in nature. 

Image: Pineapples, Unsplash.com



  1. Oooh Oh, that sounds a bit depressing at times. I am sure, you will make your way, girl! It is not like being trapped in the factory, like 100 years ago, so there must be a way to freedom. And freedom often starts in our head))
    Are you an introvert? I thought that too about myself, but now I have done some reading about HSP (highly sensitive person) – and that explained a lot. I would recommend googling it, if you were asking yourself “what is that about myself?”

    1. Yeah there are ups and downs! But as you said, it’s definitely a life choice and there are more ups than downs. I guess I just like to share because it makes me feel better! I am an introvert and I definitely thing I am also HSP… Probably why I like working alone! Send me resources if you have any to recommend 🙂

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