About Catherine


Hi, I’m Catherine. I’m a B2B freelance tech blogger and content writer and personal development coach. 

I help writers and freelancers develop themselves in order to achieve their career ambitions. I focus on personal development because I believe this is the surest route to success.

What you experience on the outside mirrors what’s going on inside you. It doesn’t matter how hard you work, if your psychological issues hold you back from self-fulfilment.

I support my clients to work through their personal development issues, to flourish, and reach their highest ambitions.

Contact me at catherine@awaywithwords.co for a free half hour Skype chat to find out how we can work together. 

If you’re a company

My experience working as a digital specialist, studying web development at a London coworking startup, and collaborating with a wide variety of tech industry clients, means I’m the blogger who can help your business grow.

I help companies to attract audiences and turn them into customers by writing high quality, engaging, blog posts with a heart. My content is written in a quirky, down-to-earth style that always remains professional.

My aim is to ditch the jargon for which the B2B tech industry is famous, and instead provide technical content with a psychological slant that grabs and keeps your audience’s attention.

I’m all about using inbound marketing to help SaaS companies promote their products and services with insightful, actionable content that helps customers solve their problems.

I’m an advocate for women in tech and the community blogger for Code First: Girls. I’m devoted to diversity and inclusion in the tech industry and beyond.

We need to allow psychology and self-development to humanize the industry and ensure it is relevant for everyone.

Contact me at catherine@awaywithwords.co for a free half hour Skype chat to find out how we can work together. 


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